Video Of Crying Madhya Pradesh Farmer Goes Viral


In the video, a 30-year-old farmer from Madhya Pradesh’s Shivpuri is seen crying at the Collector’s feet, begging for a transformer for which he says he had deposited money 6 months ago. Even as the state announced the opening of an agriculture university, farmers are still not getting fertilizers. #MPFarmers

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  1. Yes the lethargic and lacks planning;but remember that 60 yrs ago one family of 6 members depended upon a piece of land,now ten families of 60 members depend upon the same piece of land! The farmers are getting subcidies in power, fertilisers,irrigation and bank loans at the cost of other people still they are crying. They should try to diversify and also look for alternative employment.

  2. amazing to see the media doing a propaganda over this as soon as the congress party has come to power , there is no doubt Ajit shud get this transformer no matter who is in power, But the media blatantly blaming Congress Govt which was just formed a month ago is amazing shows how media houses are paid to do propaganda for specific parties

  3. LOL here all supporters of BJP are shouting as if its the mistake of congress which has come to power just one month ago ahahahaha failing to realise their foolishness that BJP was in power for the last 15 years ahahahah

  4. Naye Sal ke liye :-Bhagwan sab ko sachchai par chalna sikha de. Bhagwan sab ko Astik bana de .
    Log PAAP aur Punya ko samjhen. Aap ka kiya hua PAAP Aap ko ya Aap ke parivar ko bhugatna hoga.
    Sabhi log kahte hain ke hum Deshpremi aur Deshbhakt hain, Hum niswarth aur nispaksh ho kar desh ki sewa karte hain. Lekin Satta ki bhook Aisi hai ke Sabhi log MLA , MP , MINISTER, CM aur PM banna chahta hai . Bhagwan se prarthna karni chaihye ke Hamein hamere man aur dil mein kuch aisa kar de ke yeh Hawas kam ho . Desh ki halat yeh hogi ke ek din aisa ayega ke 542 party hogi, phir bhi hum sare kahenge hum niswarth aur nispaksh ho kar desh ki sewa karte hain.
    Chief Justice of India, PM , PRESIDENT of India, Chief Election Commissioner, Sabhi netaon se Appeal hai ke Ab aur party na ban ne dein .
    Bhagwan naya sal sab ko Mubarak kare. Achcha sochiye aur Aachcha Karein.

  5. This is propaganda work by India today. They started the news piece with a farmer not having transformer and pleading with officials for 6 months and at the end of the video they say the current govt has swung into action and resolved the issue.
    For sometime I m seeing such propaganda piece carried out by India today. Guess congress is taking the bjp route in fooling people with such propaganda news piece.

  6. I am surprised to see people commenting on Congress are not realising that this problem is not just days before. Congress started just approximately 1 month ago and from past 15 years it was BJP who was leading the Government.
    For 4 years of failure in Modi Government, BJP Bhakts point it out towards Gandhi family and for this disrespect for the farmer, they fail to say against BJP and point out to Congress who just came in power.
    Wah mere desh waasiyon tumhari soch par salaam.

  7. Only Loan defaulters have got loan waivers in MP. Congress has again started the reign of corruption by rewarding defaulters at the cost of hard working and law abiding citizens including farmers who keep up their loan repayments.

  8. Kitne logo ne yeh video akhir tak dekhi h? Because at last the news is the transformer and electricity is provided to the farmer and all are working.. The issue has been taken care of. The issue was pending for 6 months and solved within days.. Which government did better?

  9. The farmer has applied six months ago when the BJP was in power. It is now been installed by the Congress government. The urea crisis is deliberately made the shortage by the centre government to put Kamalnath in a bad light.