Police Lathicharge GJM Workers In Darjeeling


Darjeeling police lathicharge GJM worker when they were conducting rally.

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  1. India gave states to other indian people like Jharkhand but why suppressing Gorkhaland? This is 100 percent discrimination. This is outer appearance and we can guess that how much are discriminated behaviours from inside to Gorkhali people.

  2. Bengali language people is criminal and thief. beware of them. they are now become mental. pagla Bengali.
    why force to learn Bengali language. why do Bengali not adopt Hindi by heart.

    janha janha hai Bengali waha se gai hai khushali

  3. नचाइने कुरामा फोकट्मा उफ्रेपछि येस्तै हुन्छ भारतिये भात्मारा हो।
    यो गोर्खा गोर्खाली शब्द तेरो बाउको पेवा होइन।
    यो शब्द नेपाल नेपालीको गौरव ईतिहास हो।
    नेपाल नेपालीहरुको नाम चोरेर राख्न तिमी भारतीय भात्माराहरुलाइ लाज लाग्दैन।
    फोकट्मा हामिहरुको दिमाग खराब नगर , नेपाल नेपालीहरुको दिमाग खराब भयो भने गोर्खाल्यान्ड त परै जावोस ,Refugee land बनाइदिउला ।
    येदि माग्छौ भने अर्कै नामको ल्यान्ड माग। नाम अर्कै भयो भने
    सायेद तिम्रो बङ्गालि मम्मिले तोमिहरुको माग पूरा गरिदिन्छ कि ,तेइ खोजे होकि जस्तो लाग्छ तिमिहरुको बङ्गालि मम्मिले।
    किन कि तिम्रो मम्मिलाइ थाहा छ गोर्खाली नेपालको नेपालीहरु हो भनेर भारतीय नेपाली होइन।
    फेरि गोर्खाल्यान्ड दियो भने नेपालमा गाभिने तिम्रो मम्मिलाइ डर छ के तेइ भयेर हो , तुरुन्त नाम परिबर्तन गरि आन्दोलन गर अनि हेर तिमिहरुका बङ्गालि मम्मिका जादु।

  4. these indians dhotis police are so rude they are big fraud .since these people are doing their work or utilizing their rights in the good manner why they are being stick charged?? dont you you guys have humanity .these gurkhas are doing so less reaction for you guys if we citizens added there then you cant imagine what will happen in the upcoming days. fuck you indians your all efforts will not work that will be useless hurray……………

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