Osho Visit to Nepal 1985 – 1986 | Yo Osho ko Madhusala | Pub of Osho in Nepal |


This video is Dedicated to Divine Master Osho , 11 december 1931 – 19 januari 1990 ( Rajneesh Chandra Mohan Jain ) .

यह तो मधुशाला है

यह तो मैखाना है, मधुशाला है। यहां तो पियक्कड़ों की जमात है। ये रिंद बैठे हैं। यहां तो अदृश्य शराब पीई जा रही है, पिलाई जा रही है। अगर पीना हो, तो पीओ। और अगर हिम्मत हो, तो ही पी पाओगे। क्योंकि यहां किसी परंपरा की बात नहीं हो रही है। यहां शुद्ध सत्य की बात हो रही है। यहां किसी परंपरा का पोषण नहीं है। क्योंकि मैं मानता ही नहीं कि परंपरा और सत्य का कभी कोई संबंध होता है। सत्य तो सदा नूतन होता है; नित-नूतन होता है–जैसे सुबह की ओस के कण–इतना ताजा होता है।

This is a pub

This is a pub, a tavern. This is a gathering of drunkards. The intoxicated are sitting here. An invisible wine is being served and drunk here. Drink, if you want. And you will drink only if you have courage, because here it is not a talk about any tradition, the pure truth is being imparted here. No tradition is being nourished here, because I don’t see any connection between tradition and the truth. is always new, ever new — as fresh as the morning dewdrop.

I collected almost all the photos of Osho’s visit in Nepal and edited in my own laptop and posted it in YouTube on early 2009 , and because of copy right claim from OIF , this video was taken out but some Osho lovers friend have posted it again and i found it again in the profile of tehildeep1 and till today the view of this video on his profile is 444 ( what a beautiful number ) and from today i have uploaded it again in my profile . Thankyou tahildeep1 for saving this sweet creation about our loving Guru Osho .
With Peace Love & Light …. Sw Suvas Agam . agamsuvas@yahoo.com



  1. llsho s teachings will make it possible to start up matriarchy communes all over the world- i read iroquois women by spittal- and this is my HOPE for saner future children

  2. why call his DIVINE osho- he stressed that he was on relationship equal w no superhuman power miracles- lets respect that-the whole of his teachings is existentialism- equality-thanks

  3. you truly are senseless. this man channeled a great light upon humanity that is still very much alive and vibrates to all of humanity. we are deeply thankful for great ones like him!

  4. hey buddy please read some books of osho by yourself and try to judge him . I think you are trying to judge him by reading some critical analysis of osho's that are found in Internet. don't take other's idea use your own brain bro….god bless you.

  5. i wonder when the arrogance of these structured man created religions end. Those of who are writing this comments filled with hatred consider yourself as if your way is the write one.okay let it be you are write,satisfied? please keep it for yourself and stay out of others.and please lets strive to avoid hatred and live together in our diversity.

  6. swami ji, which song is playing from 4:14? can say name of song maybe I can find lyrics.I know you chosed best songs which fit with your love for Osho..:)

  7. Dear Louise, yes Osho said that he is an ordinary man, but knowing swami Suvas, little, I think osho is for him Divine, like beautiful flower is divine,sound of music which suvas like is divine..you are also divine being ..in eyes of those who can see like this..:)

  8. cheap type of Christian always tried to demolish image of Osho and criticize him.
    they happy with fake story of Jesus that he is walking on water he can make alive dead people, sun is rotating around

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