OSHO: “Now-Here” All the Time


OSHO is responding to the question of a visitor: Is it really possible to be in the “now-here” all the time? Most of my time seems to go in planning for, or worrying about, the future.

“Whether you know it or not, you cannot be anywhere else than here and now; wherever you are it will be here and now.
You are given only one moment at a time — and you are wasting that moment in planning or worrying about the future; and the future never comes. What comes is always here, now: it is a series of “nows” — one now, another now — you are always living in the now.”

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  1. The more I listen to OSHO the more I wonder about his boundless knowledge- his grit to dare to speak the truth about all religions-a quetionable issue that humans are blindly following without questions – he speaks nothing but the truth – his speeches are TIMELESS – we are missing out on life by persuing the falsehood of beliefs.

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