OSHO: Millions of Hearts Being Touched


OSHO: Millions of Hearts Being Touched

Osho is the first mystic with direct access to the world media. During his time in the USA he started a series of interviews with the world press called ‘The Last Testament’. He invited journalists of large and small US and international newspapers, magazines, radio and TV stations. The interviews are often unique exchanges between Osho and a journalist, covering aspects of his work in a very different way than in his regular talks.
In response to a question Osho outlines that these interviews are much more than press interviews, they are actually part of his work to reach millions of hearts. —

“It is simply a matter of your heart being touched. It can be touched by anything, just my voice or just the gesture of my hand. It is unpredictable because what is going to happen to an individual’s heart, what is going to touch it, is difficult to say.” —

This video is available for translation as part of the OSHO TALKS Video Translation Project. — Join the project as a translator at: http://www.oshotalks.info — OSHO International Foundation: http://www.osho.com



  1. I am get addicted to him only few months ago by seeing his vedeos… i do not know what energy feild osho created even after his departure … whatever he is telling is exactly the truth….

  2. Es un regalo d la vida poder escuchar tanta sabiduría d este maestro solo q m gustaría proponer o pedir q le pongan subtítulos a estas enseñanzas ya q muchos seguidores como yo q empezamos a conocer d estas enseñanzas somos d habla hispana esa es mi petición espero lo tomen encuentra muchas gracias

  3. En Uruguay le decían el gurú del sexo, para desprestigiarlo. Eso pegó aún más en mucha gente. Yo he leído muchos libros y visto muchos videos de él a partir de esas aseveraciones.
    Es muy cierto lo que dice. Aún hoy lo sigo haciendo.

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