OSHO: Knowledge – Ignorance and Wisdom


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  1. I believe what he is saying is truth. Knowledge is confined to a limited scope of a particular subject. One then is unable to see beyond that bubble. Wisdom is unrestrained.

  2. To me, he is saying that knowledge (from books and other things) is not true wisdom. Knowledge does not have the capacity to dispel ignorance because the knowledge you find in books and taught by word of mouth are not going beyond, therefore, you will still be ignorant even if you read 100 books on wisdom. True wisdom comes not from the rational thinking mind, but from beyond the rational thinking mind. It is not something the senses and your thoughts can grasp. You can't think, see etc it. If you go beyond that, beyond the mind, you find true wisdom. Just my thoughts on what he is saying.

  3. “I am so relieved that I do not have to pretend to be enlightened any more. Poor Krishnamurti … he still has to pretend” BHAGWAN SHREE RAJNEESH AKA Osho

  4. I've always considered knowledge as a two part way of learning, what I mean by this is given knowledge is how they teach you in school. But learned knowledge is how you teach yourself.

  5. Knowledge is opposite of wisdom


    As usually Osho
    Expect the non-expecting

  6. WHEN rajneesh spoke in hindi his discourses were soo full of energy & he spoke pretty fast or at Normal pace….but what happened to him as soon as he started speaking in English…rajneesh spoke soooo slowly almost in an abnormal manner even without blinking!

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