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“To me a book is not just a book; it is a love affair…

I have loved reading from my very childhood. My own personal library consisted of one hundred fifty thousand rare books of all the religions, philosophies, poetry, literature. And I have read all of them, but with no purpose; I enjoyed it.”

The OSHO Library is maintained by Osho International Foundation.

With the exception of about 1O,OOO, which have been gathered on his request after he stopped reading, all of these books have been read, signed and dated by Osho.

Osho’s personal library is now housed in a building
named “Lao Tzu House” at the Osho International Meditation
Resort in Pune, India. The library holds more than
150,000 volumes, mostly in the humanities, including
history, psychology, religion and philosophy. It also
features a quite substantial collection of the classic
literature of East and West, along with an impressive
array of biographies, books on physics and earth
sciences, etc. The library has been created with aesthetic
considerations in mind, the object being to create a
light and airy feeling rather than the “heavy” and
“serious” look of so many libraries. Books are sorted
according to size and color, and placed on the shelves
in an arrangement that suggests ocean waves. The
effect is organic and natural, with no solid blocks of
color or size to grab the eye and weigh it down.
Osho himself was an avid book collector and reader
throughout most of his life, and the library includes
volumes that he has kept in pristine condition since his
childhood. He liked to underline his books, and to
create an individualized painting on the front pages,
often including his signature, in place of a printed book
plate. Part of his work was to give daily extemporaneous
talks, which he would sometimes punctuate with
quotes and passages from books he had read. The
library was catalogued by hand for many years, with
cross-references that included not only title, author and
subject matter, but such things as the cover color,
number of pages and trim size. In that way, if Osho
wanted to see that “big book on Einstein’s theory of
relativity with the blue cover, ” the librarian could locate
the needle in the haystack with relative ease. In 1987,
a three-year project was initiated to computerize the
card catalog.

The UK library journal LOGOS has published an extensive article about the library written by: Pierre Evald, Department of Library & Information Management Royal School of Library and Information Science Langagervej 4 – DK- 220 Aalborg Ø Room: 418 T: + 45 98 15 79 22 + 45 98 15 79 22, E-mail: pe@db.dk

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  1. Osho foi sem dúvida um ser especial, único, íntegro, verdadeiro, sem máscaras, sem moldura social. Fora das forminhas padronizadas de seres humanos pré moldados. 👏👏👏

  2. Thank you ! ☺😊
    But i am wondering how he managed to read the books which were out of his syllabus in his 10th std. and intermediate !!!! !! For me, i was struggling to read one extra book which was out of my 12th std. syllabus last year, due to lack of time and board pressure !!! 😅…i kept like meditating on one line for about 10 – 20 mins ! 😂
    Osho is great ! 💟

  3. If some of the commentators who are questioning as to how he read 150k books in his lifetime should show some respect to this great man's intelligence and listen carefully to his words. He never read any book with a purpose. Once he gets the central idea then he need not read the entire book. Sporadic, random reading is enough for intelligent people.

  4. This is impossible. Even if you Read 3 books a Day you cant Read 150.000 in a Lifetime… Especially when hé is also meditating for like 1 hours a Day and helling people this is 100 procent impossible y Read 150.000 books. Doesn't even sound plausible…

  5. Here's a little statistic on his claim. So if he read 150,000 books, then it means he spent 19 years straight, 24 hr/day for 900 words per minute, which is extremely fast reading. Or described in another way, he read 8 books a day for 50 years straight. Does this seem plausible? I mean, I trust that guy, but really??

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