Naseeruddin Shah Breaks His Silence On The Intolerance Row | Exclusive With Rajdeep Sardesai


Celebrated actor Naseeruddin shah breaks his silence on the intolerance row in a special interview with Rajdeep Sardesai

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  1. India is heading towards another partition. The hindu fundamentalism is clearly taking over India. Which justify another division of India. Hindus can have 100% hindu state and Muslims and other minorities establish a new country. kashmir is already bleeding. Look at Mr. Shah how scared he is by Hindus.

  2. This is the exact problem, due to which Pakistan was established. Hats off to Quaid-i-Azam Muhammad Ali Jinnah for realizing this and taking action!

    Search for a two nation theory. It's the basis of having a separate country. It's fantastic to see all this and I am more proud of being a Pakistani than ever before!

  3. This gentleman is not a Muslim to begin with. Islam is against Secularism. You can either be a Muslim who believes in the Islamic scriptures or you can be a Secular. You can't be both at the same time. "I am a Muslim, but I am not a practising Muslim" Hahaha, what a joke. What the f""" are you then? Surely, not a Muslim. He should stop being concerned about Muslims. By the way, I am just being honest here. I am not an apologetic Muslim trying to kiss peoples asses here. I am just being honest. My honesty should be appreciated and respected.

  4. Kalyug hai Bhai, India has already lost there humanity. Thugs and criminal mind every where, uneducated, illiterate dilusionist walking on streets, running societies.
    Indian culture is so pure and one of the oldest in the entire globe. Still western diluted culture ruining every perspective of every single individual. In the name of religion molesting, murdering humans should never be acceptable, people raising the concern in the name of religion should be judged only by the actions of an individual.

  5. A classic case of elitism who perpetuates siege mentality. But he has the freedom to speak. And no threat nonsense. Hindu Right Wing has been emboldened since 2014. However, one would request him to channelize his energy in questioning his community's leadership in the country, on controlling the population and championing modern education, as against Islamic one.

  6. Which part are you not getting Mr. Rajdeep Sardesai – are you trying to put words into Mr. Shah's mouth? And why are you screaming? Please dont be a voice for Mr. Anupam Kher. No citizen has to put forth their opinions for every freaking incident that goes on in the country – and its impossible to do so because of the high frequency of annoying incidences. And yes we need a civil conversation and this is not Mr. Kher's land that we live in!

  7. Oh God can anyone ask this journalist to prepare better questions? Disgusting coming from such a respected and experienced journalist. Asking a citizen why one he should express his concern since he has a "privileged" background even though he belongs to a "minority" community!! There you go – bias here itself!! Hard to believe!!

  8. In India if you want some publicity, just say something bad about India and then after few days give some clarification and add a few lines that you didn't include the first time. That's it. People will start supporting you.

  9. It’s quiet ironic that it was host that keep bringing up him being Muslim and not treating his comments as an Indian.
    Shah was justifying throughout the interview how he is not a practicing Muslim and should not be treated like this because of being born in Muslim family. Typical apologetic behavior of people who are suppressed and live under fear of prosecution.
    It seems like if a Muslim is his position, have money and fame they are in debt to Hindu India. They should never dare to speak up their mind. They have to believe there are only rainbows and unicorns in India.

  10. Speaking your mind out fearlessly is true hallmark of democracy. Naseer sir is right. However the way Rajdeep Sardesai conducts interview is pathetic. Questions should be short and to the point. He needs to improve a lot but he cannot 🙂

  11. Naseeruddin Shah is wrong. He says he never criticises ISIS publicly even though he feels they are wrong, well…..when you are an actor and a PUBLIC FIGURE you have a responsibility to speak on both sides of an argument or else you will be seen to side with one side….as he is seen here to side with Muslims. Shah is at the end of his unremarkable career and is talking a lot of nonsense.

  12. Naseeruddin, why don't you go and explain to Rohingya muslim that you are not safe in India and should go back to their country, they will tell you the truth. There are more people lynched by muslim mob and killed muslims as well as Hindus compared to 2-3 cow lynching incidents not reported by media again its bad and all people guilty and caught and being punished for so much fear mongering. Read Anand Ranganathan explained mob lynching before this regime and during this regime by muslims. So much fear mongering and create divisive before election….can you explain why no terror attack in last 4 years? its because of proactive policies of Doval, NIA and Modi government. 7 modules are busted from WB to UP. In Azad maidan in 2012 45 police officers were injured in riots by your peaceful brothers but you didn't fear then? …I also fear that if Modi government lost who will protect us from terror attack? Imran Khan? or Pappu ? Shame, you should work for nation building rather misusing your fame in hating the government in power …

  13. He getting angry? because there is no bomb blast? Indian people are not dying? no attacks on hotels tourism? that's what he getting angry? why this all things not happening?
    Because of BJP government and he getting angry?

  14. Sir, I am big fan of yours. Perhaps you may agree that who so ever got appeasement from the Government, may be SC, ST, may be Muslim (ever got appeasement from bloody congress), may be females, all have exploited the opposite non appeased community to such an extent that it is not only shameful but reason for non-appease community to react, the situation you are angry now. Sir, being Muslim person of your stature could have educated your illiterate Muslim not to fall into trap of these bloody politicians and not vote in group or masses to a particular party, rather voting a good person may from any party but it never happened that any Muslim ever spoke against their own religion and perhaps they believe that Holy Kuran is final whereas change is life. Somebody wrote something long back may not be applicable or suitable to day. Perhaps all educate people believe in change, upgradation, improvement to old one. Person of your caliber could have criticized one of ex-captain of Cricket who when trapped in match fixing simple protected himself that I being a Muslim is being trapped and unfortunately become MP and continued fixing in all other fields till date. How ladies are now crying "Me too". SC/ST have associations everywhere earlier suppressed but now making false complaints just to harass upper classes. Nobody is angry then. I found one of my SC colleague coming out of Secretary room and abusing him openly (Is ki Maan Ki, Is ki behen ki………) when a couple of senior IAS Officers and myself were entering Secretary room. Somebody might have informed Secretary. Perhaps he could not take any action against that bastard. Suppose if I were there in place of that SC, perhaps dismissed from service. Please for God sake at least keep quite. You are angry but I was also of your opinion but now matured enough to understand that opposite to Congress parties were also not having any chance unless they also play similar game with Muslims, SC/ST or at last with Hindus. I never voted but now will vote for BJP till I am alive because it is they compulsion to play Hindu Cards, corruption for meeting expenses to the lowest side which used to be their at places of work when English rules us whereas they were also basically corrupt ruling other countries. Sorry SIR, please apologise for your being angry and only something if want to do try to teach your community not to vote enmass. I DO RESPECT YOU AS AN ACTOR AND OF THE OPINION THAT MUSLIM KA BUDDHA SAMAJHDAR HO JATA HA OR HINDU KA BUDDHA PAGLA JATA HA. MY SALUTE TO YOU AS A PERSON EVEN IN ADDITION TO ACTOR. JAI HIND.

  15. Mr. Rajdeep is giving reference of Kashmir to Mr. Naseer-u-din shah.
    Can you please notice a single incident where a policeman was killed by a stone.
    Instead, police have rolled their cars and buses over the bodies of Kashmiri protesters have you ever noticed it in your news that an innocent Kashmiri was killed. Shame on you people being the mainstream but still acting like puppets of Modi govt.
    I do not want to pelt a stone at police, can you give me a 10cm^2 land in Kashmir where I can register my protest peacefully against govt. , against police, against you people who are portraying Kashmir as a war zone.

  16. When u r a public figure u have to extremely extremelyyy carefully use ur words when u speek publically… People r n people will look upon ur speech.. Hence u need to deal with responsibility each n every issue.

  17. Hats off to Naseeruddin bhai in clearing his name that he was not anti-modi or favouring congress when he commented. i would say it was just a bad timing and lot of people took his words as a great political mileage. but Rajdeep Sardesai it will be great if you dont twist the same Qs in so many ways to get some headlines with sincere people like Naseeruddin ji.

  18. Article 19 of fundamental rights give guarantees right to speech and expression and things you (sir) said is happening in present and we all have read about lynching and so called cow vigilantee spreading fear and instead they roaming with no fear. Govt should urgent come out with a law and STOP these fanatic lyncher ,ordinary people are extremely anxious .Sir we are with you don't be tensed.

  19. I agree with Mr Nasiruddin Shah is that situation demands stern action against such people who are taking law into their hands as such we are developing country and we still need lot of investment and let us not jeopardize these efforts of this regime.

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