Kartarpur Corridor Event: New Beginning Of Indo-Pak Ties Or False Dawn? | Rajdeep’s News Today


Live from Lahore, #RajdeepSardesai brings you a debate over Pakistan’s #KartarpurCorridor inauguration ceremony. Can India trust Pakistan’s peace push? Does the corridor mark a new beginning of Indo-Pak ties or a false dawn? #NewsToday

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  1. Rajdeep, appreciate your courage to go out to Lahore trying lay the peace ground between two neighbouring countries. Otherwise I only see other anchors like Arnab adding oil in the fire of hatered!!! Kudos to your efforts for conversation.

  2. ُI am impressed by the commonalities & love affairs between India & Pakistan. I am seeking the same for my fellow Afghans on the other side of Durand Line. Most of my simpleton & gullible Gul Khan's friends are confused. They used to call me traitor for being Pashtun Afghan. Thanks to Punjabi General Bajwa, he made my life easy by opening the visa free corridor between 2 Punjabs, Gul Khan's are apologising to me.


  4. Pakistan is a hypocrite country and there is no sincerity as they want to grab the state of Jammu and Kashmir, now they failed by war so now the proxy war and the facade of 'Talk'.But by hook and crook, the chameleon changing its colour and I think the Talk will be just another round of same drama! Nothing will come out of this comedy-drama as Pakistan is not sincere to have the good relation with India WITHOUT the gabbing full or part of JK . Pakistan is hiding the dagger under its Burkha!

  5. Rss in kashmir. Was there a hindu god born there?
    What are they doing there?
    Kashmir is a legitimate freedom struggle recognised at the un.
    Its very different in nature and history.
    The truth is India does not have the stomach for peace.

  6. India today is a part of the problem. Brainwashing billions of people.
    How many fundraisers has India today arranged for the kashmiri people???
    How much exposure have they given to the victims of hindu fascism???
    Muslims irrespective of their origin are demonised constantly on Indian channels.
    This is fact.

  7. If you look at pak channels they are totally not concerned with India or demonising hindus.
    The trouble is India believes its own hype.
    India is no super power. India is definitely not shining.
    At the present time India has a bona fide fascist government. That is far more dangerous than individual none state actors.
    India practices state terror as a policy. Government policy. That needs to be addressed.

  8. whenever Indian failed in the arguments on the table, then the RAW do false flag operation in india to sabotage the dialogue because when it comes to kashmir india don't have any logical answer because they have already promised in UN that they will do plebiscite which they don't.

  9. There are hundreds and perhaps thousands of Hindu temples in Pakistan which can be opened to the people of India.
    Hope the Pakistani Government opens corridors for the rest.

  10. Good discussion but not good enough. Waleed Iqbal may have tremendous intellectual family background but his performance was so average. Why did he have to appear over polite and modest when the loud mouthed Indian anchor Rajdeep was trying all the time to pin down Pakistan and showing it to be a terrorist state? He could have responded by bring up the atrocities on the kashmiri Muslims by the Indian armed forces and police. The regular murders, tortures, rape of innocent family women, kidnapping of youth, blinding of youth by pellet guns arresting of old people, regular curfews making life impossible for kashmiris to survive. This he should have said is real terrorism. Not an incident here and there by mujahideen of Pakistan who are merely responding to atrocities by the 700000 security personnel who have laid a siege on Kashmir. What is 26/11 without evidence compared to this terrorism. These Indians pretend a lot, shout a lot but they are so cunning and dishonest. Imran Khan is making a daring move but this could be a risk for Pakistan's security. Judging from the mindset, rhetoric and actions of the present ruling bjp party of India and its aggressive hateful speeches by political leaders one has one's own doubt about peace with India. The main issue is kashmir and India wants to cunningly avoid it. Pakistan must beware of these Indians and not become too naive. One can never trust them because they have their Hindutva and akhand bharat saffronized agenda. Plus they are coached by master criminal leaders of Israel who is their best friend.

  11. Why were perpetrators of Gujarat genocide and gau rakshak killers ever punished? Why was Modi elected as PM despite him being the chief planner who orchestrated the horrific conflagration of 3000 Muslims. Indians do you have an answer?

  12. Pak gave CPEC to Chinese beggars, Kartarpur corridor to Sikh beggars, NATO route to USA and still Indian Hindu beggars are begging Pakistan for route to central Asia. How much Pak can give to beggars of world hehe

  13. Nice discussion. Such discussions can help understanding each other's view points better and increase chances of normalising cordial relations between India and Pakistan.

  14. In conversation it cam out about Khalistan,it is not a matter to be discussed in this agenda or topics it's a foolishness for discussion those people posses UK Passport cam there Pakistan can not stop them.Babri Mosque was destroyed within half an hour every RSS,BJP,SIEVE SENA,BajrangBali popl was over joyed with on brick as souvenir of th Mosque,Nobody is talking about the train burning Massacre by MODI,Chaiwala, about the murdering th people. Nobody taking about the riots in India about the ating Beef meat by Muslims.Nobody is talking about th Muslims are Third class citizen in Assam & other places in India.Pak TV anchor should must ask these questions ?

  15. Jadoo ki chphi ki khala chup kr jahil aurat.indians u stop terririsom in kashmir and stop playing drama of taririsom in ur own country stop the policy of hidutwa because u r digging ur awn grave with this polcy get lost coward hindus from pakistan .Bombay drama is crating by Raw dont take the name of jafiz saeed.

  16. Dear participants,
    This is huge and purely humanitarian achievement by the Govt of Pakistan on the request of Sikh peligrim of both side of border and all over the world.
    Between India and Pakistan there is only one gateway to reach peace to give freedom and right of self determination to yhd people of Jammu and Kashmir,
    I wounder after the discussion how India is taking it while it was great gesture of peace and milestone for humanity,
    Comming to the point of terrorism yes Pakistan is suffering terrorism haurhourung and sponsored by India,
    APS Peshawar killings of children's not 65 but 150, it was sponsored and Planned by raw and India,
    All bumb blasts was sponsored, planned and acted by Indians, in Baluchistan, in Karachi and Many parts of Pakistan blasted and blooded all were linked with India,
    Many of the Indian Raw officers were being kept alive in Pakistan while they were enganged terrorists actions in Pakistan, recently Indian Raw captain were killed in Pak, who were the master mind of APS Peshawar school attack.
    75000 people were killed by this terrorism which was hourbour and sponsored and trained by India,
    Why not Pakistan take the steps seriously against India

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