Indian and Chinese soldiers clashed in Sikkim


Indian and Chinese soldiers clashed in Sikkim. Watch this special segment and get to know more here.

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  1. Dear brother Jimmy yu, India have never been occupied any neiboughring country like China swallowing part of Pakistan in the name of CPEC, 50% of loac with china is land of India… Don't take India very mild..

  2. china know that the power of India that's he is not able to attack on India a nd that idiot china who had taken our land and now not allowing us to go our land which he had occupied from us

  3. Next time they encounter each other settle it the old fashion way. Get their champions to wrestle it out. Whoever loses withdraw 1km away…..not playing touchy feely like this….aiyoooyooo!!

  4. china has thinking it's self as world's super power, then why china crying india & U$ & Japanese Navy conduct war exercise on Pacific ocean, china has threatening the world along with its dummy army, no one takes serious china..

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