Entirely Agree With What My Brother Says : Zameer Uddin Shah Backs Naseeruddin


Lieutenant General (R) and former VC of AMU, Zameer Uddin Shah who is also the brother of veteran actor, Naseeruddin Shah spoke exclusively to India Today on his brother’s remark on the Bulandshahr violence.
Naseeruddin Shah said that he is worried for children in today’s India. He’s worried because he imagines a situation where his children may be surrounded by an angry mob and asked: “Are you Hindu or Muslim?” Naseeruddin also said that the death of a cow has more significance than that of a police officer. He was referring to the recent Bulandshahr violence in which a police officer was killed by a mob.

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  1. Christian missionaries and Jihadi Muslims along with Communists and Congress are the biggest threat and cancer to Bharat. Chuck these anti national elements out of our country and system.

  2. If anybody live with soul .he /she feel that he is taiking true in the present context /scenario only he is not alone as a human being i and all like him and me if he /she has a heart to feel affection and care for their kids .why we should not think ….

  3. but this is not the right time to react this thing Naseer , just before the Election . It shall publicize by so called and Embedded media and benefit go to the …….

  4. India is part of the world .To day Gandhi's statue was removed in Ghana. Tomorrow it will be some other place.This shows the world diverting from secular values.History shows religious values divide.Let those who propagate those values prepare for further bifurcations.

  5. BJP is very unlikely to win majority in 2019. NDA may just barely scramble past the majority, but then they will choose Narendra Modi not as the Prime Minister because it would be clear that the country no longer subscribes to Modi's view. Even in 2014, less than 34% did. So, who may become the alternate NDA Prime Minister?

    What about 2023?
    Opposition has shown that even with minor alliance, they can beat Modi and Amit Shah's candidates. Other than Modi, BJP has not prepared any leadership, and has not shown an Young Leaders.
    Opposition on the other hand have brought forward a lot of young leaders who seem to be able to work together:
    Rahul Gandhi, Akhilesh Yadav, Rajesh Pilot, Jyoti Scindia, Tejaswi Yadav or even Siddhu and others. These will be a much more, politically more astute group to lead the country thru new era of major world changes and India on brink of a major economic and Social Lift-off

  6. It's not even a subject of debate. Muslims lives are in danger in India because hindu terrorism rampage is free and infact has the support of BJP. It's time for Muslims and Christians around the world to take a closer look at human right abuses against minorities in India. This issue needs to brought to UN now.

  7. We dnt scare in westbengal…. Come to kolkata and looked what is freedom for every religion, caste and race.. Today we celebrate christmas…. Merry christmas to all of my indian people. We beat and heavily thrash all sang parivar here, so to keep peace and stability……ha ha ha. They scare Tmc in bengal we give terror to the sang terrorist outfit…. Ha ha ha.tmc is nightmare for bjp in westbengal.

  8. I had said it before, you can give all you want in the way of love & respect to the muslas & the chattas, you cannot change their CORE NATURE… HATRED & VIOLENCE. & I had also said about naseer's brother…. he was not a patriot even when he was in the army. I am not saying that he was working against the country or committing any kind or espionage or anything. When he served in the army he served with the required integrity. But he is NOT A BHARTEEYA AT HEART, He is nothing like our beloved Abdul Hamid & thousands like him in the army. May be it is true that dedication is the hallmark of the poor & the less educated. But then I would be insulting the tens of thousands of the senior military personnel who are so dedicated to the nation & its people. May be Zameer is one of a kind…. or may be he was NEVER ABLE TO BE A BHARTEEYA & remained a muslim as opposed to others who are BHARTEEYAS. I will always regret wasting my time & money in watching the movies of naseer & the likes of mahesh bhatt & others like him. They just go to prove that evil cannot be made good by love & respect.

  9. Including hindutva chakkas and hindutva political chakkas must see the real fact of this matter why Mr Shah said such a big thing, can't these hindutva bastards see that the administration and the govt system giving importance to the Cow killers instead of the of Police officer Killers (hindutva terrorists) because the mob was from their grp??? so the wise ppl cannot say more than what Naseeruddin shah said, he is true…

  10. what the f..k anchor is asking. Cant you see you are changing the names of the Musilm names of every place and claiming there is nothing against Muslims .RSS AND BJP should be declare terorists parties by UNO

  11. Nasiruddin shah and his educated ilk shouldn't judge the happenings in India in isolation. The very word 'Islam' has almost become synonymous to taboo or phobia for majority of non-Muslims across the world, be it communist Russia or China, Buddhist Myanmar, Sri Lanka or Phillipines, Christian Europe, America, Australia and elsewhere. Unless and untill the Muslims give up their Religious Fanaticism, Arrogance, Duplicity, Swaggering, Ungratefulness they will find it difficult to reconcile with and accepted by others. Before playing victim cards and raising fingers to others what they really need is :
    1. Introspection.
    2. Introspection.
    3. Introspection.

  12. He speaks the truth.The poison of intolerance is spreading e anywhere. What mistake is that man referring to? That mobs can slaughter a cop and call that a mistake ..people are lynched and that is a mistake ? We are putting our heads in the sand .The world is watching us closely and people are taking note of the situation in our country ..Just listen to the rantings of Yogi Adityanath while canvassing before the elections .

  13. Just to comment on any subject in a casual manner reflect our sincerity and sensitivity to the subject in this matter many comment are such that a genuine words if nasirudeen shah inspite addressing the issue ruling class behaving irresponsibly this irony of this country we have to change it then we can do something positive to our country

  14. When there are flaws in the laws then parents get worried about their children's in any part of the world and that is what Naseer ul deen shah said, there is nothing wrong in it.

  15. It is strange that bjp leaders and the right wing elements are on the same page in perpetrating and patronising mob-lynchings and violence against Muslims and against the interest of the Muslims. Government has forgotten that it is there to protect the citizens of the country but alas even the upright judges and police officers are not safe. Whole world knows what is happening in the country. History will never forgive those who brought this shame to this country.

  16. With each move Hindus have proved Mr Jinnah right that Hindus n Muslims r two different nations they can't live together in harmony. They different by all means, take example of dress of a hindu woman n a Muslim.. Hindus worship cows n yet Muslim love to eat beaf including the meat of cow. Muslim prefer urdu whereas Hindus speak n impose their religious language on others n that's hindi that has a lot of words of sansikrat. Hindus are trying to reveng Muslims for the rule of Muslim in India for 800 years but they copy n lick the ass of Britishers. Salute to Mr jinnah for fighting for Muslim rights n making a separate homeland for them!

  17. Why to worry for a few strategic muslim who are making this statement…what about death if so many Hindus in pak and bangkadesh…time has comd to shut these voices for good….too much freedom for minority at the expense of silent and soft Hindus..

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